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We provide grooming services for all breeds of dogs and cats. Along with bathing and grooming, we provide flea treatment services, ear cleaning, hair services, nail trimming, and more.

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For our bathing and grooming treatments, we provide all pets with a full shampoo, massage, and a shed less treatment. During this we also perform ear cleanings, teeth cleanings, hair dye, and anal gland expressing. Our goal is to provide services that will help your pet to stay healthy, but also to help your pet feel their best. 

Flea Treatment

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Defend your pet from fleas and other critters this summer by investing in our flea treatments. Especially during the summer months, our pets have a higher chance of getting fleas which can be very bothersome to our pets. We highly recommend this treatment for all of the dogs we see. 

Nail Trimming/Grinding

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Keep your pets nails trim and healthy with our nail trim/grind service. Our professional groomers can also provide a nail painting service. 

Shed-less Treatments

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Shed-less treatments are done on dogs that do not get a hair cut and shed heavily. German Shepards, Golden Retrievers, & Huskies are common breeds that can benefit from shed-less treatments. The process removes most of the loose hair reducing the amount of shedding greatly. 


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  • Nail Painting
  • Holiday Dress Up 
  • Hair Dye
  • Hair Plucking
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